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MotorWeek Makes Eyes with Exquisite 2017 Ford Explorer

Smart, sporty style. An assortment of outstanding engine options. And a list of creature comforts so long, it's likely to make your head spin. This is but a small sampling of that which our full-size SUV, the 2017 Explorer, brings to the table.

Want to hear the rest of its story?

Then, go ahead and pair up with our pals at MotorWeek. Their assessment of the Explorer is as follows:

Clamber to the summit of the Explorer model range, and it's there you'll be met by the aptly named Platinum.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a…

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The Differences Between Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil

As a car owner, you understand the importance of regularly checking the level of the oil in your vehicle and the need to get frequent oil changes. If clean engine oil is not maintained in your car, it can cause increased component wear and reduce the life of your engine. But have you looked into the differences between conventional and synthetic oils? If your car is able to use synthetic oil, it could improve the performance of your vehicle.

Conventional oil is a basic oil that is mixed with chemical additives during the blending process to meet the necessary requirements…
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The Importance of Changing the Oil in Your Car

Ever wonder why you need to have your oil changed? Your car functions properly because all of the many parts of the car are working together. Without all of the parts doing what they're supposed to, your vehicle won't work like it's supposed to.

Many of the parts of your car don't even touch each other. Instead, they are riding on a thin layer of oil. Oil keeps all of these moving parts separated and prevents friction and damage of those parts. Oil also circulates and cools parts of your car...

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2017 Ford Escape – The Brains to Make Your Life Easier

The 2017 Ford Escape doesn’t just want to make your life better, it wants to make it easy! Ever have your hands full while trying to open your SUV liftgate? Just tap under the rear bumper with your foot, and Escape will open up for you! Ever wonder if you need to stop at the gas station while you’re still at home and running late? With Ford’s FordPass smartphone interface and optional SYNC Connect, you can check your fuel level, start your Escape (or even schedule a time for it to start and warm up) and take…

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No More Scuff Marks in Your New Ford

If you're looking for the perfect scuff-proofing device, try out an apron. You can tie an apron around the front seats of your Ford and end up with a perfect answer to what your kids do to the seats---scuff them with their shoes. An apron is a perfect solution, because it already has straps to tie to the seats, and you probably already have a few old aprons in your closet you're not using.

After that, you may find that you really want a Ford to tie an apron around! So come on down to our dealership, and…
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2017 Ford Explorer: For All Your Needs

If you have been searching for an SUV that can handle all your hauling/towing needs, offers some excitement and is family friendly then the 2017 Ford Explorer may just be the best option that you have. This vehicle is so versatile and allows you to do all this and more.

It lends many of the same benefits of a truck but with extended interior room, seating up to seven. You can tow your boat and the kids for weekend adventures and look great when doing it. Want to have a little fun without the family? Well, you can do…
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4 Tricks for Making Your Ford Stand Out This Year

Embrace another year of adventure in your Ford vehicle! Your Ford SUV, truck, or car serves as your daily travel companion and deserves to receive proper care and maintenance year-round. That’s why we recommend routine service and car detailing to keep your car running and looking fresh. You can schedule a car wash and wax during your next oil change appointment at our Medina Service Center, but if you prefer the DIY-approach to cleaning your car, follow these four tricks to making your Ford sparkle!

  • The first step to any deep cleaning project is to remove any unnecessary items…
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Enjoy Stylish Performance in the 2017 Ford Fusion

Take the streets of Medina, NY by storm in the 2017 Ford Fusion from Orleans Ford! The 2017 Fusion matches modern design with luxury, delivering a stunning vehicle at an affordable price.

The 2017 Fusion offers a wide variety of driver-assistive technologies to take your New York commute from ordinary to extraordinary. The available enhanced active park assist feature helps you park your new Ford Fusion through the use of 12 ultrasonic sensors. You will shift, accelerate, and brake while the Fusion steers itself into a parking space!

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Features Abound with the Ford Transit Connect

For those that may be in the market for a cargo or passenger van, then you will want to take a look at the Ford Transit Connect. This is a van that is years ahead of itself and one that many people will applaud for years. One of the features that seem to stand out is the fact that the Transit Connect has a rear backup camera.

Things like a backup camera are important especially if you are using your van for business. Nothing can hurt profits than having a van that is out for repairs due to backing into…
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The Top Ranking Ford Fusion

Custom and purpose do not always meet, but with Ford Fusion it does and the outcomes are breathtaking. The 2017 Ford Fusion is a gorgeous European style car which, on its exterior invokes attention due to its notorious silhouette which helps reduce wind sound and vibration.

The interior is inviting with its excess of luxury and connectivity structures that are sure to attract any driver. It also has high quality system sensors which become aware of a possible collision with a car or pedestrian that may be in front of you...
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